Why the Best Time to Book a Safari for 2021 is Now

Science proves that the anticipation we experience in looking forward to a trip is just as good for our souls as actually being there!

Now, more than ever before in travel history, your African safari will positively impact your body, mind, and soul — and the wildlife and communities who will host you.

According to a Cornell University study, the anticipation of a trip can increase your happiness substantially, even more than the anticipation of acquiring something tangible, like a new car.  

Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health | FORBES

Book NOW because of these trends:

  • Many of our clients have postponed their trips to 2021. Availability is becoming an issue! Get planning now so we can secure the best accommodation options for you.
  • Booking NOW at 2020 rates for traveling in 2021 = great saving! The US dollar exchange rate is especially favorable for travel in South Africa.
  • Our amazing industry partners – some of whom we’ve been working with for over 20 years – are offering us special flexibility and seriously relaxed terms so you can be encouraged to book.

Our most recommended post-Covid safari special

Marataba & Madikwe Safari Offer - Southern Destinations

Our safari partners at MORE Family Collection have offered us exceptional discounts and relaxed terms so you can book with absolute confidence and peace of mind.

The Marataba & Madikwe Safari Offer

4 nights Marataba Safari Lodge PLUS 4 nights Madikwe Safari Lodge 

Book NOW and get 1 night FREE at each lodge at low season rates – for travel up until December 2021


*Recommended due to the quality of the road.

  • Johannesburg to Marataba: road transfer
  • Marataba to Madikwe: fly
  • Madikwe to Johannesburg: road transfer

Explore the detailed virtual itinerary here.


  • Johannesburg to Marataba: self-drive
  • Marataba to Madikwe: self-drive
  • Madikwe to Johannesburg: self-drive

Explore the detailed virtual itinerary here.

Why we love Marataba Safari Lodge

Photo credit: Chris van Rooyen | Project Vulture

Why we love Madikwe Safari Lodge 

Photo credit: Leon Fouche

Together with the MORE Family, we’re ensuring you peace of mind and travel confidence.

MORE peace of mind & travel security

The MORE Family Collection has set up a special audited account that will hold deposits until your arrival which will only then be transferred into individual lodge and hotel operating accounts.

This will give you the confidence in holding funds with MORE, knowing it is safeguarded and cannot be accessed by the property for its operational expenses prior to your arrival.

Contact us for the Covid-19 Prevention Measures document.

We appreciate that it’s not easy to plan travel when there’s just so much uncertainty in our world. But we also know how incredibly good a life-affirming journey will be after the Corona months are behind us.

Without your commitment to traveling again, educating children in Africa and protecting the animals that are their heritage will become very difficult.

Explore the virtual itineraries below:


The SELF-DRIVE itinerary