Most of the safari camps in Botswana are quite expensive due to their remote (and therefore exclusive) locations and the luxury levels of their suites and amenities. However, there’s a handful of camps that we recommend for those looking to stay in camps that have less frills but still offer a solid Botswana safari experience.

Here’s a list of Botswana safari camps that offer great value for money

– Okavango Hidden Gems | Amber River Camp

AMBER RIVER CAMP & CAMP MERU – There are two delightful camps in this community-owned NG32 private concession in the southern Okavango Delta where its all about the untamed wilderness and the authentic Batswana hospitality. We love Amber River Camp. Camp Maru opens again in March 2025.

– Kadizora Camp –

KADIZORA CAMP – Kadizora is in the northern Okavango Delta in a 120 000 hectare concession neighbouring the renowned Duba Plains and Vumbura concessions and so there is always lot of animal activity. This camp strikes a good balance between adventure, culture and relaxation. Being community owned, responsible tourism is a big focus at Kadizora.

– Mma Dinare –

MMA DINARE – Overlooking the Gomoti River and its flood plains on south eastern side of the Delta in a private concession. Operated in collaboration with the Sankuyo Community Trust, this traditional camp is thatched and a lovely authentic Botswana safari camp.

-Rra Dinare –

RRA DINARE  – This is the husband camp to Mma Dinare and is also located in the private concession overlooking the Gomoti River. The 100% eco-friendly camp is designed to embrace the natural surroundings with its open, thatched spaces create a relaxed atmosphere.

– Hyena Pan –

HYENA PAN – Located in the Khwai Private Reserve, Hyena Pan offers brilliant value for money and an all-round fantastic safari. Because it is on the edge of the only permanent source of water for miles around, you’ll see lots of animals, especially elephants.

–  Sango Safari Camp –

SANGO SAFARI CAMP – Located on the outskirts of the traditional village of Khwai, overlooking the famous Khwai River, Sango Camp offers a unique encounter with the local community and leads you right to the heart of Botswana. It is a good base from which to explore the wildlife as well as the culture.

– Saguni Safari Lodge –

SAGUNI SAFARI LODGE – Saguni  overlooks the ‘Mbudi Lagoon’, in the Khwai. A relatively big camp by Okavango Delta standards, it has thirteen Forest Tents and eight River Tents.

– Chobe Bakwena Lodge –

CHOBE BAKWENA LODGE – Bakwena Lodge is a small, privately owned eco-lodge on the banks of the Chobe River. At the heart of its ethos the fact that an African safari is so much more than its animals or dramatic landscapes, its people are, they believe, the very heart and soul of what makes Africa unique.

– Chobe Elephant Camp  –

CHOBE ELEPHANT CAMP – On a rocky ridge overlooking the Chobe River, the camp has been built to take advantage of the views  of the river and floodplains. This is an eco-friendly lodge where you are hosted by the Sibuya tribe, is ideal for guests wanting simplicity and authentic safari.

– Meno a Kwena –

MENO A KWENA – In an awesome location on the Boteti River overlooking the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Meno A Kwena is a firm favourite being great value for money and an excellent choice for families

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