Last week the team in our office (although we are not actually IN our office) created a socially-distanced way to supply soup and sandwiches in Vrygrond (a desperately poor community on the Cape Flats) and came back with stories of how hungry the people are, the length of the queues and the looks on the faces of kids…

We’ve joined a crowdfunding initiative to help feed a vulnerable community on the outskirts of Cape Town during lockdown

We’ve teamed up with Jules, from the popular local band, GOODLUCK and encourage you to DONATE.

With the funds raised Jules from GOODLUCK and Lise Kargaard from Southern Destinations are purchasing staple items and preparing food that is then collected and distributed by Where the Rainbow Meets to the people in Vrygrond.

With the current exchange rate, just $20 dollars goes a long way towards feeding people on the outskirts of Cape Town who were living in hard times even before the pandemic hit, and who now have been caught totally unawares and are now literally ON THE BREADLINE.

Please DONATE and share this cause.

Watch Jules’ heartfelt video message

To channel the good vibes and be part of the positive Cape Town UBUNTU energy, follow GOODLUCK and join their amazing LIVE concerts.

” UBUNTU ”  [ùɓúntʼù]  :  An African term meaning ‘humanity”.   Often translated as  “I am because we are.”


Jules from GOODLUCK and Lise from Southern Destinations are working with an organisation in Vrygrond to feed the vulnerable during lockdown. The further along we go into lockdown the more kids and adults are needing to be fed. 2 x 100 litre pots finished and you still have 48 children to feed and you have not even fed one adult yet…

Please help by donating here so that they can buy food to assist this extremely vulnerable community on the edge of Cape Town. They will be making big pots of veg soup and bulk it up with beans and pasta and serving it for as long as it’s needed.

The fund will be used in partnership with Where Rainbow’s Meet to buy pasta, vegetables, protein, and beans in order to make enough meals to feed the starving people in Vrygrond. The situation is extremely dire at the moment and we need to do whatever we can to help those who are on the front lines of disaster.