Scenes From Lekkerwater At De Hoop This Summer

When I returned from an agent visit to Lekkerwater Beach Lodge at De Hoop in December, my biggest desire was to plan a return trip with either a group of my best mates, my bookclub gals or my family. As it turns out, I’m planning for my family to go there for my Dad’s 80th in September. But best mates and bookclub trips are on the horizon too! 

Lekkerwater is getting lots of lovely PR in travel and decor magazines, like  TIME magazine  and now Condé Nast Traveler’s HotList – and I can see why.  It is such a unique place. Remote and beautiful.  What more does one need in this day and age?  

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge - De Hoop - Cape Town - Southern Destinations

When the eye of the Coronavirus storm has passed, people will want and need to travel again to pristine, remote destinations like Lekkerwater at De Hoop

LOCAL IS LEKKER!  For the winter and spring of 2020 Lekkerwater is offering discounted exclusive-use rates. Contact us for details

It is a simple lodge, sensitively constructed for minimal impact on the environment, yet every comfort has been thought about and you’ll want for nothing. From the delicious local cuisine to the fine linen. From the quality of your guide to the cleverness of the beach hot tub. From the wine list to the fascinating history of the area.  From the wealth of endemic plants and birds to the best land-based whale-watching in the world.

Summer or winter, whale season or not, Lekkerwater is always LEKKER*. 

lekker – (lit. tasty) It means pleasing, tasty, nice, good, great, delicious. Lekker is used for just about anything you find nice.

Why We Love Lekkerwater Beach Lodge at De Hoop

  • The area is rich in fascinating ancient and modern history and you’ll experience a strong sense of what the African continent’s coastline was like at the beginning of time.
  • Get away from the crowds and experience the luxury of utter remoteness – being the only people on the miles and miles of beautiful, untouched beach.
  • Departures are every Monday (two nights), Wednesday (two nights) and Friday (three nights) throughout the year.
  • Expert local guides will introduce you to the vibrant marine life, unique fynbos kingdom and pristine environment of this unusual reserve.
  • Relax. Put your feet in the sand. Wriggle your toes. Enjoy sunset drinks and meals right on the beach, with the region’s finest wines on the table.
  • This coastline is a haven for whales and dolphins. Watch them from your room!
  • The lodge itself is cozy and intimate. It’s a place where you’ll make strengthen family bonds, deepen friendships and make new friends.
  • Lekkerwater is a genuine, all-inclusive, non-stingy, generous beach lodge. Everything is included! Your accommodation, all activities, all meals, all house wines, botanical gins, beers and more are included in your fare. Fare is fair! (And the house wine selection is vast – with a passionately curated choice of 12 wines!)

My Lekkerwater Album

The lodge nestles thoughtfully above the fragile coastal fynbos, overlooking a beach so pure and untouched that you’d think you were the first visitors to feel its cool, clean sand beneath your feet. There is always a delicate misting of fresh ozone in the air where the cold ocean meets the hot land. The crisp smell of the sea air will have you taking big, deep restorative breaths…

Just 10 minutes after arriving at Lekkerwater Beach Lodge you’ll want to kick off your shoes and be barefoot for the whole stay 

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge - De Hoop - Cape Town - Southern Destinations

Resident guide, Billie introduced us to the protected marine reserve, its power and its surprises during a rock pooling expedition which revealed a multitude of fascinating sea creatures. We explored the mussel-encrusted shelves, peering deep into the blue.  There is so much LIFE on this pristine, protected coastline! You can walk and talk and contemplate life and the universe for miles.

The next morning saw us traipsing up the hill on a guided walk for a close encounter with the richest, smallest floral kingdom on earth.  The delicate coastal ‘fynbos’plant biome is a macro-photographer’s paradise. This unique biome is also home to an impressive list of endemic birds.