Multi-generational family trip to Kruger & Kalahari

Dear Lise,

The trip was fantastic, and I can’t think of a thing to improve. The weather was even great! Everybody met us as planned, took us to where we were supposed to go, were friendly and helpful. The Elephant Whispers was enjoyed by the whole family; Simbavati River Lodge was very good: tasty food, nice accommodations , fun game drives: amazing to see the animals and whole ecosystem. We saw every animal we had hoped to, plus. Tswalu Lodge was even more upscale, and that was fun too. The guide we had there was outstanding in his knowledge of plants and animals, and the tracker and guide found a pride of lions, tracking the prints along the road, into the bush, etc. What an experience! The lodge was a gorgeous place. I would like to have stayed another day there (at least). Nice to have the ecosystem differences with Kruger and the Kalahari.

Cape Town was interesting, and we had a nice diversity in what we did. The only thing I didn’t like was the hour+ wait for the gondola going up Table Mountain. Maybe we went at the wrong time? Loved the penguins: the kids swam there. Lovely beach with the boulders. The bike people in the wine country were more than nice and accommodating. And Mike Zuma was great: a real insight into a difficult but real part of Cape Town. The More Quarters Apartments were an excellent choice, also.

So thank you for your help. I would recommend you and any of these places again in a heartbeat!


View Tswalu – The Motse
View Simbavati River Lodge
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