Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and is predominantly made up of wildlife reserves and national parks, which are synonymous with luxury and unsurpassed game viewing. A land of great biological diversity, Tanzania has some of the best wildlife, adventure and beach activities on the continent and truly does offer something for everyone.

For those looking for an authentic Africans safari experience, Tanzania has those in abundance. The Ngorongoro Crater – home to thousands of large mammals – is the largest intact crater in the world and has been likened to the Garden of Eden. The vast plains of the Serengeti teem with wildlife and play host to the annual Wildebeest migration, which is the largest mammal migration on the planet.

The large population of Pink Flamingos in Lake Manyara National Park provides unique photographic opportunities, as the entire horizon is seemingly covered in the bright pink of their plumage. Observe the ever-playful chimpanzees in in Gombe Stream National Park, or marvel at the vast hordes of buffalo in Katavi. In Tanzania, there is rich wildlife wherever you go. Selous National Park in the South is Africa’s biggest Game Reserve and is bigger in area than Denmark!

It’s not all about the safari in Tanzania though – the East African country boasts a number of equally attractive non-safari destinations. Adventure seekers can tackle Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, or go diving off the coast in the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Spend a day or two taking in the sights of the coastal city Dar es Salam, or explore the historic old towns on the island of Zanzibar – a key stop on the famous African spice route.

With an enticing mix of wildlife, adventure and culture, Tanzania is the perfect destination. A true gem in the crown of Africa, the country is sure to delight both seasoned visitors to the continent as well as those experiencing their first time. Speak to us about putting together the perfect ‘Bush and Beach’ Tanzanian safari.


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The pride and joy of Tanzania, the Serengeti is one of the most well-known wildlife sanctuaries on the planet with its annual wildebeest migration – the largest migration of mammals in the world – regarded as being one of the greatest spectacles of the natural world. With an abundance of game wherever you look, the Serengeti encapsulates the true beauty and majesty of the African continent. Accommodation options are nearly as vast and varied as the wildlife, with guests having their choice of some of Africa’s finest camps. No visit to Tanzania would be complete without a visit to the Serengeti, for a truly unforgettable experience.

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Ngorongoro Crater

The world’s largest caldera – or intact volcano crater – the Ngorongoro Crater is a natural amphitheater that is home to more than 30 000 animals, earning it the nickname ‘The World’s Greatest Open Aired Zoo’. Bordered by extinct volcanoes, the enclosed bowl consists of a remarkably diverse ecosystem that includes lakes, grasslands and forests. With an animal population that has no need to leave, the Ngorongoro Crater provides an excellent year-round opportunity to see the Big Five. Most of the lodges are situated on the rim overlooking the crater, resulting in breathtaking views of untouched Africa.

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Selous Game Reserve

Bigger than the country of Denmark, the mighty Selous Game Reserve is by far and away the largest game reserve in Africa at 45 000km2 in area. The greatest wilderness area in Africa in our eyes, Selous Game Reserve has large populations of elephants, wild dogs, buffalo, giraffes and big cats. The year-round water supply means that game viewing is exceptional no matter when you decide to visit or how you choose to do it (either on a game drive, on foot or by boat). With so much land to explore and so many animals to see, Selous Game Reserve makes a very welcome addition to any Tanzanian itinerary.

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The beautiful island of Zanzibar was once proclaimed to be the “finest place in all of Africa” by Sir David Livingstone. With miles of unspoiled beaches and an incredibly rich history, Zanzibar has a look and feel completely different to it’s continental mainland. Stroll the streets of Stone Town – one of the oldest towns in Africa – and hunt for bargains at the famous spice and curio markets before sitting down to a delicious, freshly prepared seafood dish. Spend your days snorkeling amongst the reef in the azure island waters or relaxing with a refreshing cocktail and a book on the beach. A visit to Zanzibar will leave the soul refreshed and rejuvenated with the infectious zest for life with which the locals live.

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Lake Manyara

Situated in Tanzania’s rift valley, Lake Manyara National Park comprises of two-thirds actual lake. An expanse of acacia woodland and groundwater forest, the Lake Manyara National Park is an aquatic haven home to elephant, flamingos and the famed tree-climbing lions, amongst others. One of the most incredible views in Africa, Lake Manyara glistens an emerald green and extends as far as the eyes can see. The annual influx of flamingos transforms the green hues of the lake into a sea of pink as thousands of graceful flamingos join the 380 other resident bird species in this African oasis.

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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is famous for two things: the first are the iconic Baobab trees that look like they got their roots and branches back to front; and the second is the thriving elephant population that sees herds of up to 300 elephants roaming the plains freely. It is for these reasons that the relatively undiscovered Tarangire National Park is known as ‘The Land of Giants’. While blessed with an abundance of wildlife – including the Big Five, cheetahs and antelope – Tarangire is also home to over 490 species of birds, making it one of the top destinations in Africa for bird enthusiasts.

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Ruaha National Park

Part of the Southern Tanzania safari circuit, Ruaha National Park is the second biggest in Tanzania and dates back to 1910. With the flowing Ruaha river acting as the lifeblood of the park, the rolling hills and baobab tree laden bushveld boasts healthy populations of lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah as well as a diverse range of herbivores such as giraffe and buffalo. Bird lovers will delight in the fact that over 570 species call the region home, including the imposing Goliath Heron and saddle-billed storks. Ruaha National Park is also a site of historical significance with evidence of trade routes dating back to the 1800s.

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Known as Northern Tanzania’s safari capital with the Kilimanjaro International Airport just 40 minutes away, Arusha is a bustling town and gateway to Arusha National Park. Surprisingly often overlooked by tourists in favour of the Serengeti, Arusha National Park is a safari gem and one of the only places in Northern Tanzania to see the playful colobus monkeys. With snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro visible in the distance on a clear day, Arusha feels like Africa at its most iconic. With a range of accommodation options throughout Arusha National Park, the region is slowly starting to take its place on the list of Tanzania ‘must-sees’.

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