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Lise’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the Africa travel industry is intimidating! Her special skill lies in being able to match people and their expectations with places and experiences absolutely perfectly…and on budget. Lise has visited more corners of Southern & East Africa than most – as a beady-eyed agent as well as with her family and friends. She has many valuable connections in the travel industry and can organise ANYTHING! Beware of her dry sense of humour. She knows her wines, loves photography, and is the driving force behind numerous fundraising initiatives for needy local charities and organisations.

Lise Kargaard

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South Africa

Nicknamed ‘The Rainbow Nation’ for its ethnic diversity, the country with 11 official languages seemingly has nearly as many mother tongues as it does ecological …/

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The landlocked Southern African country of Botswana is fast becoming one of the most sought after destinations in the world. With attractions such as the …/

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The largest country in East Africa, Tanzania is a land of great biological diversity that is synonymous with luxury and unsurpassed game viewing. Complement the …/

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