Being in the travel industry we come across many incredible hotels on a daily basis, but even we had to gasp at some of the wondrous and magical hotels featured in Earth Pom’s list of ’26 Of The Coolest Hotels In The Whole Wide World’!

Feast your eyes on our selection of their ten most awe-inspiring and innovative hotels. It comes as no surprise to us that 4 of the coolest hotels in the world are based in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Architects and hotel owners the world over are seeking to give travelers that once-in-a-lifetime-unforgettable experience that gives you goose bumps and makes you gasp at the innovative possibilities of a hotel room. We hope that this list inspires and motivates hotel owners to think out of the box and develop cool places like these. After all, what’s more lasting than an extraordinary experience?

1. Lion Sands Kingston Treehouse

If you want to immerse yourself into the wondrous sights and sounds of the African bush, then this luxury part-wood, part-glass accommodation perched high above the surrounding wilderness in the Lion Sands Game Reserve is perfect for you. This private concession within the Kruger National Park in South Africa is home to the Big Five. It is totally safe (they guarantee!) to sit on the treehouse deck at sunset (or in bed at sunrise!) and watch the animals wander unknowingly past below you. This is Africa at her very best.

Lion Sands Kingston House
Watch the wildlife roam freely below as you relax in this luxury glass treehouse

2. Giraffe Manor

Have you ever yearned to see a giraffe up close and personal and marvel at its highly intricate coat? If so, then this Kenyan hotel is the ideal choice for you! The very unique Giraffe Manor has a herd of Rothschild Giraffe who live around the property and are known to peek into the windows at breakfast time to say good morning. Experience these incredibly beautiful and gentle giants first-hand as you enjoy a cup of tea.

Giraffe Manor
Experience a close-up encounter with a herd of Rothschild Giraffe that live on the grounds of this unique hotel

3. Lion Sands Chalkley Treehouse

If romance and an utterly magical African experience are what you’re after, then staying on this stylish and secure platform complete with a four-poster bed under a canopy of twinkling stars is just the thing for you – perfect for that luxury African honeymoon. Once again, you can experience the South African bushveld and its animal’s first-hand whilst being suspended above the action. This is the ultimate luxury bush bedroom for two and promises to completely enchant your loved one!

Lion Sands Chalkley Treehouse
Stay at this magical Lion Sands Treehouse with uninterrupted views over the bush and sleep in a four-poster bed under a canopy of stars

4. Zanzibar Floating Hotel

What could be more amazing than floating in the ocean surrounded only by turquoise waters? Part of the Manta Resort in Zanzibar, this floating hotel has an underwater bedroom that is completely submerged in the sea and offers visitors incredible floor to ceiling vistas of tropical fish swimming by. Once the sun sets and the fish are no longer visible, the lights in your mermaid room attract luminous and delicate squid and octopus that seem to float by in an eerie trance.

Zanzibar Floating Hotel
What could be cooler than being submerged under water in a magical underwater wonderland

5. Attrap Reves Hotel, France

Ever wondered what it would feel like to sleep under a transparent bubble in the middle of nature under the moon, stars or snow? This innovative hotel in France has created a protected space that is entirely see-through and thus gives the visitor the feeling of sleeping outside in beautiful surroundings, whilst still catering for all creature comforts and protecting against nature’s elements. We think the Attrap Reves Hotel is totally cool!

Attrap Reves Hotel
Sleep protected under a transparent bubble whilst experiencing what it feels like to sleep in nature through all seasons

6. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

This magical hotel lies tucked away in the forests of Chile and resembles the shape of a volcano complete with a permanent waterfall. The roof even erupts with water from time to time! The Montana Magica Lodge can be reached only by a swinging rope bridge and resembles one of the hobbit cottages straight out of the movie Lord of the Rings.

Montana Magica Lodge
This incredible hotel has been built in the shape of a volcano that regularly erupts with water and features a permanent waterfall

7. Ascher Cliff, Switzerland

What could be more romantic or dreamy than gazing over the alpine scenery of Switzerland with its green forests or snowy caps? Incredibly this hotel is built into the side of a vertical cliff and is over 170 years old! With spectacular views all around, Ascher Cliff is sure to impress.

Ascher Cliff Hotel
Set in a vertical cliff face, this hotel features spectacular Alpine scenery

8. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Famed as the hotel on everyone’s bucket list and also the world’s first and largest hotel made entirely out of ice, the Ice Hotel is located in Northern Sweden in a tiny remote village. Each year the entire hotel (including the beds, chairs and decorations) are meticulously crafted out of ice blocks and snow by invited artists to create a veritable winter wonderland that is truly an exquisite experience. Even the bar and glasses are completely constructed out of ice!

Ice Hotel Sweden
This exquisite hotel is created yearly entirely out of ice and snow (Art by Natsuki Saito and Shingo Saito)

9. Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel, Sweden

What could be cooler than hiding in amongst trees with breathtaking panoramic views all around whilst being completely camouflaged? This Swedish hotel achieves just that. Constructed out of mirrored walls, the Mirrorcube reflects its surroundings so that it becomes almost invisible and appears to float eerily amongst the trees.

Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel
Stay in this reflective almost invisible hotel in amongst the trees

10. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

As if the spectacular Maldivian beachside setting was not awe inspiring enough, when you stay at the Conrad Maldives Resort you can sleep in a five-star underwater bedroom and dine at the world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant. No view is ever the same as you marvel at the ever-changing marine life such as mantra rays, whale sharks and even dolphins gliding by. Simply mesmerizing!

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
This 5-star resort offers endless views over the breathtaking surrounding ocean with its pristine marine life