How travelling in Africa can be life-changing



Africa has a secret superpower. It transforms people.

Traveling across this incredible continent does something indescribably wonderful to you at the soul level — adjusting your perspective, shifting your mindset, and refreshing your priorities – all while gifting you the ‘vacation of a lifetime’ and opening your eyes to the incredible planet we call home…


It never fails to amaze us how profoundly Africa affects people who arrive on safari for the very first time. Its big blue skies and vast landscapes are breathtaking, the people warm and welcoming with an unforgettable sort of kindness, and the natural beauty simply beyond compare, with its amazing, iconic wildlife species that make Africa’s spectacular wilderness so deeply exhilarating.

An African safari is all about immersing yourself in everything that makes Africa so special, opening you up to the spirit of this incredible continent and the destinations that have made it such a drawcard for travelers the world over, decade after adventurous decade.

It’s about visiting astounding places where the untamed power of nature helps you realize that the human species is part of something astoundingly wondrous ‐ a unique, intricately interwoven web of life that we have somehow separated ourselves from – but that Africa instantly reconnects you to.


Somehow, life makes sense again in Africa.

It is brought down to the raw basics and put on display for everyone to see, touch, hear, feel and enter into… inviting you to understand your place in the world again and the important role humanity must play in maintaining the precious but precarious natural balance.

Out there, in the heat and dust of the endless plains and the gently swaying grasses of the savannah, you feel the heartbeat of Africa. It’s in the constant flapping of the elephant’s ears, the slow, steady hum of the cicadas in the acacia trees, the soft cooing of the wood dove, and the wary snort of the anxious antelope scenting the breeze for danger…

It’s at once humbling and awe‐inspiring, leaving your senses tingling, alive – and begging for more. Watching life unfold in front of you from your seat in the open-air safari vehicle, learning about the way ecosystems work and how everything lives in perfect harmony in an endless cycle of birth and death, brings with it a revelation of understanding — of the way we are meant to co‐exist with the wilderness, and the creatures and plants that live within it.

Somehow, ‘home’ won’t ever seem the same again!


Your safari will also have an important impact on the people you meet, as well as helping to fund conservation initiatives that are continually helping to preserve and protect Africa’s wilderness areas.

By providing community support, education, and careers for the local people, and opportunities that spring from ethical eco-tourism which are fed directly back into these local communities, Africa’s people are also benefitting from travel and learning the value of wildlife and wild places.

Wildlife veterinarian, Dr William Fowlds (pictured below, top left) recently Tweeted:

“Whilst the world is on #lockdown#tourism is taking a hit and so is #conservation. Tourism and conservation are inextricably linked, and without income from tourism, many conservation projects are struggling. If you have a holiday booked, don’t cancel, postpone and save tourism.”

The partnership between Africa’s safari camps and lodges and those who are working so hard to protect endangered species and threatened habitats is a symbiotic one that you will be supporting – consciously or unconsciously – every time you go on safari. So you will be making a difference by having the trip of a lifetime!


When the time comes to say goodbye to Africa, you’ll find yourself somehow… heartbroken and bereft. You’ll have fallen irreversibly in love with the places you’ve been to and the things you’ve seen… It will be painful to part with her. Your soul will have been stirred by your experience of Africa, forever changed – and life back in the real world will pale in comparison.

But don’t you worry. There is a cure for ‘Africa fever’. You simply need to return, picking up where you left off on your last adventure. After all, there are so many places yet to see and things to do… So many people to meet and experiences to be had…

Kilimanjaro, the vast plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara, the Okavango Delta, the deep, emerald forests of the Virungas, the iconic Kruger National Park

The blood-red sand dunes of the Namib, the soaring mountain peaks of the ‘Fairest Cape‘, the winding waterways of Chobe, Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi, the Nile, the great, green lazy Limpopo and the Orange River…

The Great Migration, majestic mountain gorillas, desert-dusted elephants, pangolins, and painted wolves…

Africa is waiting.


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