There’s nothing more luxurious than taking a relaxing bath. After a long day on your feet or in an open Landrover on an African safari, dusted in Kalahari grit, the thought of melting into a pile of suds beats any five star spa pampering. “But spas have baths with lovely garden settings” you might argue. Well, imagine if we promised the ultimate garden – we’re talking about the wide-open expanse of the Savannah.

One of the most eye-catching features of these Southern Destinations’ chosen camps is the opportunity to take a bath in the middle of the African bush whilst on a wilderness safari! In bygone days of colonial safari travel, well-heeled travellers to Africa would be accompanied by an Abercrombie and Fitch portable canvass bath, and so there’s no reason you can’t travel in equal style.

Garonga bush bath
The outdoor bath at Garonga Safari Camp is a true sanctuary for the soul

Imagine the cool dusk breeze on your skin as you soak all your urban worries away and watch the sun set beneath an acacia tree, with the cicadas serenading you, as an emerging moon appears in clear view above. There would be some ‘peeping Toms’ to be sure: that owl peering down at you, a few embarrassed Vervet monkeys shielding their eyes and the Bushbabies oggling you as you tease them with a cheekily exposed leg!  You can’t beat the unique experience of an al fresco bush bath.

So which camps provide such an experience?

1. Sabi Sands: Londolozi Private Granite Suite

With its emphasis on privacy and exclusivity, limited to just 6 guests, this villa is set aside from the rest of the camp and has one of the most romantic bathrooms with a choice of outdoor and indoor showers and baths.

Londolozi Private Granite
What could be more luxurious than watching a heard of elephant pass while you bath at Londolozi Private Granite?

2. Botswana: Zarafa Camp

Part of the Great Plains Conversation Project, this five star safari experience is located in the Selinda Reserve on an island in the flood plains of Zibadianja lagoon. It is completely private, with an abundance of wildlife, so watching the animals wander by whilst you brush your teeth is not an unusual occurrence.

Zarafa Camp bath
The beautiful copper bathtub at Zarafa Camp for discerning safari goers

3. Kruger: Garonga Safari Camp

This contemporary and unpretentious camp enjoys a private location in the Makalali Conservancy to the west of the Kruger National Park. Their bush bath is totally ‘delicious’. And the suites here have their own private plunge pools. Garonga is a great choice for intimate bush weddings.

4. South Luangwa: Kaingo Camp

This is the most rustic of the ‘bath camps’. Situated further north than the other camps, Kaingo Camp lies in an untouched area of Zambia, the remote South Luangwa Valley. The bath has a view of the river and the feeling of freedom and space.

Kaingo Camp bath
The outdoor bath at Kaingo Camp overlooking the Luangwa River has the perfect vantage point for observing passing wildlife

5. Okavango Delta – Pom Pom Camp

Positioned on its own private deck, Pom Pom’s bath is partially shielded by the bush and trees. It has a great view of the river below. This private concession is situated on Pom Pom Island in the heart of the Okavango Delta on the Xudum river system. Game is plentiful and the landscape lush. The only company you’re likely to have while you sing in the bath are hippo and elephant.

Bath at pom pom camp
The ultimate romantic wilderness bath experience can be found at Pom Pom Camp overlooking the Okavango Delta’s Xudum river system