Mozambique is a spectacular country. With over 2,500 kilometers of pristine coastline, it’s not surprising that most of the country’s popular activities revolve around the ocean.

Its beaches are remote and still largely isolated and protected from the ravages of too many visitors (unlike the beaches in the Med), and the crystal clear warm water of the Indian Ocean is utterly inviting. Whether you’re looking for a lazy beach holiday, kicking back in the sun sipping on cocktails or are in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush, Mozambique’s waters has something for everyone. To help you choose, plan and look forward to the ultimate Mozambican adventure, we have put together a list of our top ten things to do in Mozambique.

1. Scuba Diving

Mozambique is well-known as having some of the best dive sites on the planet, but what makes it special is the fact that most people don’t know this secret. Divers around Mozambique’s sparkling coastline will find untouched, colourful coral reefs, secluded beaches and the least commercial diving experience anywhere in the world. The coastline here has something to offer every level of scuba diving. From thrilling whale shark, dolphin and turtle sightings to educational coral reef dives with highly knowledgeable local guides, this African underwater adventure will not disappoint.

Diving with turtles in Bazaruto Archipelago
Diving with turtles in Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago

2. Swimming With Dolphins

There is nothing more magical than making your childhood dream come true. For many that is swimming with dolphins and in Mozambique you can turn that dream into reality. There are a few places that offer this as an activity, one being the reliable Dive Quirimbas activity center in Northern Mozambique. Generally about 2 hours long, the dives allow you to swim with the ocean’s most beloved creatures in their natural habitat. Dives are both fun and ethical, ensuring that the dolphins and their environment are completely respected at all times.

Swimming with dolphins
Swimming with dolphins, the ocean’s most beloved creatures

3. Turtle Tours

Depending on the time of year and where you go, you might be lucky enough to see the turtles! Between the months of November and February, loggerhead turtles on the southern coast of Mozambique (notably at White Pearl Resorts) make their home and find their breeding ground. Visitors can pay a small fee  to go on turtle tours and watch the turtles laying their eggs. Take a silent stroll onto the beach in the middle of the night and watch as these magnificent animals prepare their nests to lay their eggs. The project also has a good cause as $5 of every booking at the White Pearl Resorts goes towards research and conservation efforts in the region.

white-pearl-resorts turtle tours
At White Pearl Resorts you can watch loggerhead turtles lay their eggs

4. Whale Watching

Whale watchers will be pleased to know that Nuarro Bay – a protected area of the country’s coastline – is a prime whale watching location for viewing these majestic creatures with their young in their full glory. From July through to December humpback whales play in the warm Indian Ocean waters and perform for all their admirers back on the shore. There are also many schools of dolphins that pass by during this time, making for a double  treat.

Humpback whales off the coast of Mozambique
Humpback whales off the coast of Mozambique

5. Snorkeling

Scuba diving can be costly and requires qualifications and hours spent in lessons. For those wanting an instant underwater experience without having to go to the depths of the ocean, snorkeling is the perfect answer. Just float on the surface of the water to see a vivid technicolour wonderland full of tropical fish and underwater coral gardens. From May to October you may even be able to see humpback whales on their annual migration as they pass the shore.

Snorkeller off coast of Mozambique
Mozambique’s turquoise warm waters is prime snorkelling territory

6. Dhow sailing

Enjoy a relaxing ride on a traditional and elegant African wooden sailboat as you go dhow sailing. Dhows have been used for centuries to transport goods from one port to another. They are, usually, comprised of one or more masts and are characteristic of transport in the Indian Ocean. Nowadays you can hop aboard a traditional Mozambican dhow to enjoy a magical African sunset with a customary sundowner cocktail in hand whilst you drift along the ocean. Or what about an island-hopping dhow safari offered at Ibo Island Lodge?

Dhow sailing in Mozambique
Nothing comes close to sailing on a traditional dhow boat across the Indian Ocean

7. Beach Picnics

Mozambique is filled with secluded beaches, but it can be tricky to gain access to them. Many companies offer boat transfers to remote beaches where you can enjoy specially prepared and packed romantic beach picnics. Imagine a large stretch of white sand flanked by crystal clear waters and a picnic blanket laid out with chilled nibbly bits and champagne just for the two of you under a big umbrella. Then take a lovers stroll along the soft sand shore to collect pansy shells.

Pansy Island picnic
A private beach picnic laid out just for you on Pansy Island

8. Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Mozambique is also a most enjoyable and popular activity. Not only can you go on sunset rides along one of the multitude of pristine beaches, you can also do horse-riding safaris further inland. Particularly suitable spots include the Vilanculos coastline and on Bengurra Island. Hire a guide and explore the largely untouched terrain of Mozambique’s stunning Bazaruto Archipelago. Many of the horseback riding safaris offer overnight stays in nomadic sand dune camps.

Horseback riding in Mozambique
Horseback riding is one of Mozambique’s most popular activities

9. Fishing

It goes without saying that with a coastline as vast as Mozambique’s the fishing opportunities are numerous and diverse. From Big Game Fishing to Fly Fishing, there is something for every type of fishing enthusiast. There are many fishing outfitters in the region who take on beginners and more experienced anglers. Most also have a catch and release policy in order to respect the natural environment as much as possible.

Mozambique caters to any type of angling enthusiast

10. Motorized water sports

For all you adrenaline junkies out there; Mozambique has numerous motorized water sports that will take your breath away. Many think of the coast as a place to work on their tan, but the coast is also filled with more energetic activities as well. Whether it’s wake boarding, tubing, knee boarding or water skiing, there is something to inject a rush of adrenaline into your vacation.

wake boarding in Mozambique
Try wake boarding off the coast of Mozambique

It’s clear that wherever you go in this stellar country, you’ll find something to do. Quite conveniently, you’ll also find somewhere to stay. Mozambique’s coastline is filled with so many great accommodation options, ranging from luxurious to homely that it’s hard to pick which one to stay at. Some of the lodges we suggest staying at include andBeyond Benguerra Island Lodge, Azura Benguerra, White Pearl Resorts, Ibo Island Lodge and Vamizi. If you need help deciding on where to stay, get in touch with one of friendly travel consultants.