What makes us tick as a travel team

During this global pause, as a tightly-knit team, we’ve had time to remember why we live, love and breathe travel. 

Travel is people-rich…

The true richness of travel is, undoubtedly, found – not in remote locations or exotic experiences – but in people.

What’s on our minds

Vanessa says…

“It is so sad watching our beautiful industry take such a beating. I’ve been watching quite a few webinars hosted by Africa travel professionals and what I’m seeing is that the crisis is, on one hand, bringing out the worst in people and businesses – but on the other hand, the way people are being called to collaborate, re-assess, share, and be more transformative is very interesting and exciting. Challenging? Yes. But also inspiring!”

There are lots of clever and resilient people out there who got into tourism for the passion and not the money. Plus, we have such a unique product offering – AFRICA, an unparalleled destination with all its vast natural beauty, incredible wildlife and kind, vibrant people!

While we wait for some of the governments to reopen borders so all leisure travel in Africa can resume, we are closely watching the emerging trends, talking to our suppliers on the ground, and staying on top of all the most important information so your every question can be answered as we help you plan with confidence.

The GOOD NEWS is that Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zambia are already open. And Kenya is opening soon for international travel.


Our guests leave their homes and travel to Africa, wanting especially to connect with people and get to know and understand different cultures.

Here in Africa, the very people who welcome our guests as hosts in their country, are the ones who share their intimate knowledge about the wildlife, expertly point out the sparkling constellations in our endless Southern skies and humbly share the secret ingredients of a beloved traditional recipe.

And it’s the people in our own travel team, with their years of experience, Africa adventures and people-skills, who design the beautiful trips that weave all the people-connections together into a rich, nourishing, heartwarming journey.

From Liesl’s warm heart…

“I love what I do – and this means I’m hugely passionate about my work.

I know that the magic of Africa will always deliver an extraordinarily special experience for every traveler coming through our doors – and that alone is worth every phone call, email and triple-checked detail.

There is truly nothing more rewarding than our guests returning once again for their next African chapter – or sending their friends and family to us. We pride ourselves in creating special journeys that become your ‘memories of a lifetime’ – and are so often even life-changing.

Our family journey’s have brought us closer than anything else ever could.

We really do live in a beautiful country… and aside from the vast beauty of its diverse eco-systems and landscapes, majestic wildlife and breathtaking experiences you can enjoy in Africa, our people are our biggest asset.

Africans are unforgettably genuine and caring, always just wanting to make sure you are happy. When they ask how you are, they really invest all their heart in finding out how you really are.

I am so proud to be part of these incredible people and that I can call this magnificent place ‘home’.

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Conversations with Camille

“I was born and raised in Zambia, live in Cape Town and make my living helping other people experience what I have been so blessed to call ‘my life’: Africa…

I have, quite literally, been going on safari all my life – and the sheer wonder and wild thrill of it all made me want to share Africa with others. I absolutely love spending time getting to know my clients so I can help them create their ‘trip of a lifetime’.

To pass these strange days we’ve found ourselves in, I spend most of my days engaged in travel webinars and, best of all, staying in touch with my clients and our suppliers. I must admit that when I see photos and videos of our incredible African animals or when I remember the unrivaled warmth of the famed ‘African welcome’ from the staff at the lodges and the dusty red sunsets – it fuels my excitement to plan my clients’ next trip!

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What Lise’s up to

My family loves spending time in nature – walking, boating, and watching birds and animals. We absolutely love being on safari and parking quietly near a waterhole, waiting patiently together to see what could possibly come our way.

While we all wait for borders and game parks to open up, we’ve made hay while the sun shines: hitting the road on adventures through the amazing countryside right on our doorstep, and exploring the uniquely quaint villages along the way. We pop in at the farm stalls to see who bakes the best pepper steak pie. So far, Houw Hoek Farm Stall in Elgin is firmly in the lead!

This ‘pause’ has allowed us look for adventure closer to home, and to experience those unique things so particular to Cape Town, and which make it a ‘top tourist destination’. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world!

I look so forward to welcoming tourists back to Africa again.

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We had such an AMAZING honeymoon. It was so well-planned from beginning to end and we cannot THANK YOU more for making our trip so unbelievable.  

Client feedback

Daisy feels that…

“Nothing rings truer than the words ‘you’ve come home’ when you experience Africa. From the warm smiling faces to the kindest hospitality, it stirs something in your soul. It has been the only continent that made me cry when I had to leave a special place…. Even my son feels this incredible connection, yearning – for days after our return – to go back, and not understanding why we can’t simply relocate to that special destination in Africa.

We’ve been enjoying the warm sunny days, strolling along the iconic Sea Point promenade, or exploring beautiful Cape Town like tourists!

Nature has a way of calming all the madness we’re experiencing amidst the chaos of this “new normal” – working remotely from home, home-schooling, masks, hand sanitizing, social distancing…

I really can’t wait for guests to be able to travel again to Africa, to experience her warmth, both from our lovely multi-cultured people to the wonderful weather.”

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And a final word, from Ilze…

“I’m so lucky to be a child of Africa… to call this majestic place ‘home’. I simply love the beauty, the wide-open spaces and the incredible people who are always ready to greet you with outstretched arms, huge smiles and the kindest hearts.

We miss you, valued guests and fellow adventurers!

The past few months have certainly been challenging – but we’ve found the most incredible support when we least expected it! I recently received an e-mail from a client who traveled with us 2 years ago. We haven’t communicated since her last Africa trip with us, and she just wanted to reach out to see if I was doing okay. It was so heartwarming to read her message that I actually shed a tear!

This is a clear testament to the incredible relationships we build up with our clients. Because every client matters.

We’re all working from home at the moment, which means I get to spend much more time with my husband and toddler twins. Life is busy!

We simply love the outdoors, from exploring our neighborhood on our bikes, or hiking in Silvermine – a nature reserve up in the mountains, close to home. We’re literally surrounded by this wild beauty – and there’s nothing better than feeling the sun on your face and the fresh, invigorating air in your lungs!

To quote Richard Mullin, the renowned author: “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to”.

Please take that first step. Contact us to chat about your African adventure.

Africa will take your breath away and she’s here waiting for you in all her splendor.

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The Perfect Post-Covid Travel Destination

Africa really is the perfect travel destination of the future because of its exceptional remoteness: with endless amounts of space, open-air dining, exclusive-use accommodation, uncluttered with people, and – excitingly, offering you the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to Africa’s sustainable tourism.

With old and new clients planning their 2021 Africa trips, we’d love to hear all about your dream safari!

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